Thursday, April 23, 2009

The Beauty of the New Burlesque

When one thinks burlesque, many images and conceptions come to mind. Popular notions are flesh, breasts, lipstick, sequins; aggressive, extravagant femeninity brazenly used to flaunt sexuality. All of these components epitomized the essence of original burleque, but a new and vital component has emerged within the new burlesque; a raw, edgy spirit that many overlook when considering new burlesque: feminism. Intertwining the uncompromising, natural and uninhibited sexuality of all women with a rapier wit and humor, burlesque is a rebellion against the hypersexualization, sexism, and objectification rife within modern pornography. It exalts true beauty, natural and uncorrupted by surgical "enhancements". It refuses to compromise
and conform to conventional male ideals of beauty, demanding instead the recognition of the appeal of the natual form and women's independent sexuality. Burlesque demands the acknowledgment of holistic beauty, rejecting objectification and proliferating the multifaceted, complicated glory of each woman's body and mind. It celebrates intellect, emotion, humor, and the unique plights and experiences that inspire each woman's performance. It's cerebral. It's uninhibited. And it's sexy as hell.

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